.: The SafeDose System by Dr. James Broselow, inventor of the Broselow Tape :.

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During serious emergencies, medical staff must act quickly but not make critical mistakes that could kill. But especially with children, mistakes are easy to make James Broselow MD and Robert Luten MD have dedicated their lives to helping doctors and nurses make the correct decisions quickly. SafeDose is their latest innovation to improve care, increase treatment efficiency, and save lives.

A History of Innovation

In the early 1980s, James Broselow was an emergency room doctor who saw how difficult it was to treat children in the ER. He decided there had to be a better way, and the Broselow Tape was born. This simple but effective color-coded tool determines body weight from body length and provides proper dosing and airway information for children.

Medical personnel everywhere now use the Broselow Tape to provide essential critical care to children, assuring the correct sized airway equipment for each child is utilized, and providing life-saving medications safely and without costly errors or delays. The Broselow Tape even made a cameo appearance on ER (see video below).

Robert Luten has performed pioneering work in the field of emergency medicine, helping to create the specialty of pediatric emergency medicine in 1993. A professor at the University of Florida, Luten has spearheaded the development of curriculum and training materials for emergency care. His particular expertise is in emergency drug dosing and emergency airway management.

Broselow & Luten: Acute Care Dream Team

Broselow and Luten joined forces, using Broselow Tape concepts paired with Lutens extensive knowledge of acute care. They spent many years working on the underlying standard and content - incorporating feedback from a spectrum of doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Partnered with the nonprofit Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group (PPAG), they created the SafeDose Initiative, the underlying standard for SafeDose and the suite of software systems from SafeDose. The goal of the initiative is to develop a simple, safe and effective international standard for acute administration of drugs.

SafeDose: The Next Chapter

Now Drs. Broselow and Luten have founded SafeDose to bring these solutions to every emergency practitioners computer, iPad, or mobile device. With the SafeDose software, providers of acute care can access comprehensive treatment information faster and more accurately than ever. Learn more about the SafeDose products.

On a Mission

Broselow and Luten have a clear mission: to provide needed critical information to those administering acute care. To achieve that, they aim to get SafeDose into as many hospitals as possible. Their ultimate goal: to improve care, save lives and make it easier for emergency medical staff to do their job. So far, the results are promising (see top video above for one success story).