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The Artemis Initiative

The Artemis Initiative is a collaborative effort between James Broselow MD (inventor of the Broselow Tape), Robert Luten MD, and the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group (PPAG) - which represents over 700 pharmacists from around the world. The goal is to develop a simple, safe and effective international standard for acute administration of drugs.

The mission of the PPAG is to improve the lives of children and adults and to advocate for safe and effective medication use. Drs. Broselow and Luten have been researching and refining acute dosing content for more than a decade. The Artemis Initiative pairs this wealth of content with the pharmacology expertise of the PPAG.

Delivering a Dosing Standard

The collaboration has been an unheralded success. For more than a year, a select advisory panel of more than 20 PPAG members has been reviewing dosage information and making recommendations for a safe, effective dosing standard. This peer-reviewed, comprehensive dosing information covers intensive care and emergency care, giving doctors and nurses everywhere a standard they can trust.

In order to bring this acute dosing standard to the bedside in real-time, Drs. Broselow and Luten have developed the SafeDose system of web-based and mobile products. Find out more about the SafeDose system.

Get SafeDose in Your Hospital

The goal of the Artemis Initiative is to put this safe, standardized dosing system into the hands of as many health care practitioners as possible. Contact us to find out how to bring Artemis to your hospital.