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SafeDose is a growing young company with a product and a mission to save lives by promoting standards and preventing medical errors. Like the Broselow Tape, our product, SafeDose, uses a simple visual system developed by co-founder Dr. James Broselow. here here for a summary and news about us.

Company Description

SafeDose provides hospitals with clinical content and virtual technologies to improve medication safety, reduce the cost of care, and improve clinical outcomes.

The company’s founder, Dr. James Broselow, has dedicated his life to improving medication safety in the emergency setting. Along with Dr. Robert Luten, he developed the Broselow Tape in the late 1980s to improve treatment of acutely ill and injured children. This color-coded tool helps determine a child’s body weight from body length to provide proper emergency medication dosing and avoid errors. It is now used in nearly every adult and pediatric emergency department in the U.S., and recently has been updated to take into account the increasing incidence of childhood obesity.

More recently, SafeDose has taken Dr. Broselow’s color coding concepts one step further, applying them to thousands of pages of clinical content and drug dosing for children as well as adults. SafeDose has further developed sophisticated web and mobile app-based tools in order to disseminate this information to EMS, emergency rooms and pharmacies.

These tools improve medication safety and prevent patient dosing errors, they provide algorithms for acute care, and they also provide an extremely intuitive mechanism for documenting acute care. An independent study by the University of Kentucky School of Pharmacy has found that using SafeDose's visual medication reference decreases errors by 73% compared to the current standard approach to drug administration.

Pharmacists, nurses, pediatric and emergency room doctors, and neonatologists can use bar-code scanning to instantly access mixing instruction, dosing, medication administration information, and adverse reactions. The system extends the power of any Emergency Medical Records (EMR) system by providing clinical algorithms and safe drug administration at the point of care.

Read about us at . See videos about our products at . Scroll to the bottom to see SafeDose product demos (SafeDose and SafeDose Introductions).

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