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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (July 26, 2012)
Artemis Pediatric Initiative seen as moving Tennessee and America forward
The Tennessee Society of Association Executives has awarded its annual Advance Tennessee Award to the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group (PPAG) for its work on the Artemis Pediatric Initiative. Representing over 700 pediatric pharmacists from around the world, PPAG has been working with SafeDose to develop a safe pediatric dosing standard.

"A standard has never existed for proper drug dosages in children," said James Broselow, M.D., a former emergency physician and Chief Medical Officer for SafeDose. "That's why this initiative is so essential."

Beginning in 2010 and continuing through 2012, two Artemis advisory panels, chaired by Jared Cash, Pharm.D., of Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, reviewed more than 200 acute care medication recommendations and developed approximately 75 new neonatal medication recommendations.

The Advance Tennessee Award recognizes and celebrates associations headquartered in Tennessee that propel Tennessee and America forward with innovative projects in education, skills training, standards-setting, business and social innovation, knowledge creation, citizenship and community service.

ABOUT SafeDose
SafeDose offers two software solutions to medical facilities and professionals focused on improving acute care for patients worldwide: Artemis and SafeDose. The company's mission is to provide needed critical information to those administering acute care.For more information about Artemis, go to artemis.ppag.org.

Artemis Pediatric Committee
  • Jared Cash, Primary Children's Medical Center
  • Christine Robinson, Rutgers, Morristown Medical Center
  • Lisa Maher, Rutgers University
  • Tina Huang, Tufts
  • Angela Martinez, Johns Hopkins
  • Nicole Mollenkopf, Johns Hopkins
  • Richard Thomas, Primary Children's Hospital
  • Gretchen Brummel, Lexi-Comp, Hershey Medical Center
  • Michelle Caruso, Cincinnati Children's Medical Center
  • Shannon Manzi, Children's Hospital Boston
  • Christina Piro, South Carolina Children's Hospital
  • Melissa O'Neill Hunt, Huntsville Children's Hospital
  • Richard Parrish, St Christopher hospital for Children
  • Bryan Blackwelder, Wolfson Children's Hospital
  • Jason Corcoran, National Children's Medical Center
  • Allyson Gaylor, Parkview
  • Bob Luten, Shands Medical Center
  • Bonnie Lundblom
  • Dale Whitby, Elsevier/Gold Standard
  • Helen Giannopoulos, Children's Hospital of Atlanta
Artemis Neonatal Committee
  • Jared Cash,Primary Children's Medical Center
  • Dawn Butler, Cincinnati Children's Medical Center
  • Anita Siu, Rutgers, Jersey Shore University Medical Center
  • Brian Winther, Primary Children's Medical Center
  • Charla Miller, Wolfson Children's Hospital
  • Chris McPherson, St Louis Children's Hospital
  • Christine Robinson, Rutgers, Morristown Medical Center
  • Amy Potts, Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
  • Kathy Pham, Children's National Medical Center
  • Heather Monk, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Adrianne Hewryk
  • Rachel Meyers, Rutgers, St Barnabas Medical Center
  • Ben Lee, Morristown Medical Center
  • Danielle Coppola, Rutgers
  • Lisa Maher
  • Suzannah Cox
July 16,2012
SafeDose's SafeDose is a breakthrough for emergency medical professionals

NEW YORK, N.Y. (July 16,2012)-Adverse drug events happen to children three times as often as to adults. When under pressure, nurses commit errors 25 percent of the time when making intravenous drug calculations for children - yet these errors are caught just 20 percent of the time.

That's why The Mount Sinai Hospital's emergency department is the latest adopter of SafeDose's Artemis system. Artemis provides medical professionals with drug dosing and administration information in seconds so that they can deliver prompt, competent and confident emergency care.

"With the number of drugs and the various solutions of drugs out there these days, it's no wonder that dosing errors are occurring more frequently," says Dr. Adam Vella, Fellowship Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai. "The Artemis system takes the guess work out of it - takes the math out of it - which makes our job much easier and allows us to provide the best care for our patients."

The Artemis system speeds up drug calculations and reduces mistakes. Artemis builds on the Broselow Tape system, designed nearly three decades ago to improve care for pediatric emergency patients. The system is weight-based, and includes valuable information about drug dosages and administration.

"Children are not just tiny adults, especially with regards to the medications they need,"says James Broselow, M.D., chief medical officer for SafeDose and a practicing emergency physician. "We wanted to create a simple system that would improve care, save lives and make it easier for emergency medical staff to do their jobs."

ABOUT SafeDose

SafeDose offers several software solutions to medical facilities and professionals focused on improving acute care for patients worldwide: Artemis, SafeDosePro and SafeDoseFree. The company's mission is to provide needed critical information to those administering acute care. In addition, SafeDose and the nonprofit Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy group, the world's largest organization for pediatric pharmacists, launched the Artemis initiative to develop a simple, safe and effective international standard for acute administration of drugs. For more information on SafeDose, go to www.safedosepro.com.
May 23, 2012
SafeDose releases updated SafeDose Apps at half price for EMSC Children's Day, May 23, 2012
In honor of National EMSC Children's Day, Drs. Jim Broselow and Robert Luten are proud to release their new SafeDosePro 2.0 apps for iPhone/iTouch/iPad and Android at half price ($10 rather than $20). They are also releasing a free version, SafeDoseFree, with full dosing but more limited functionality.

SafeDose serves as a "second check" for pediatric medication administration. It is like having a trusted pediatric pharmacist (or Doctors Broselow or Luten) looking over your shoulder to make sure any dose you give to a child is accurate. Avoid the frustrating ten-fold dosing errors that can lead to "death by decimal point."

The SafeDose app allows caregivers to select the child's weight range or estimate the weight based on color from Dr. Broselow's system. Caregivers then choose a drug or indication from a searchable list. The app displays not only the mg for that child, but also the mLs to administer for the selected concentration. SafeDose also provides mixing, preparation and administration instructions. It also shows adverse affects and other information.

It can be used with a low-cost, generic tape compatible with the BroselowTM system such as PediaTape.

Significant new features (fully functional in SafeDosePro) include the ability to generate a PDF report of medication dosing and other medical events. Caregivers can even take a picture of the patient or equipment such as ECG to include in this emailable report. Another new feature is the ability to search for drugs using NDC codes and barcode scan drug vials with a bluetooth barcode scanner.

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Download the app for your Android device.
Download the app for your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.
May 14, 2012
SafeDose releases SafeDoseFree 2.0 and SafeDosePro 2.0 Apps
SafeDose announced today the release of its new SafeDosePro 2.0 and SafeDoseFree 2.0 apps for iPhone/iPad/iTouch and Android. The new apps are a major advance over the SafeDose 1.0 app released in July 2011. The new apps add adult dosing, many new drugs and the ability to log patient status, drug administrations and caregiver actions. The SafeDose photo feature can record time-stamped pictures of the patient, instrument settings and accident scene.

SafeDosePro eliminates advertisements and allows users to print and email PDF reports. SafeDosePro’s amazing new “NDC number and barcode scanning feature” allows nurses and pharmacists to quickly enter the NDC number for any drug with a U.S. FDA NDC number on it (all drugs in the US). Entering this number or scanning the barcode label with a Bluetooth scanner immediately brings up the dose in mL.

With the new addition of its powerful patient status and event recording features, SafeDose can essentially serve as a mobile electronic medical records system. First responders can email patient status, pictures and caregiver actions to the Emergency Room prior to arrival for feedback and transitional care and also to base for long-term tracking. Doctors can send medication orders to pharmacy and x-ray, lab or other procedure orders to the appropriate department. Hospitals can use SafeDose to keep even and patient records.

Download SafeDoseFree for your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.
Download SafeDosePro for your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.
Download SafeDoseFree for your Android.
Download SafeDosePro (called simply "SafeDose") for your Android.
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Georgia Trauma Commission
September 19, 2011
Georgia EMS SafeDose Mobile App Initiative

The Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission and SafeDose LLC are pleased to announce a new initiative to promote dosing safety within EMS. It will involve distributing free copies of mobile software, called SafeDose, to all EMS workers in Georgia during the week of September 19-25, 2011.

SafeDose, which works on iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry, is a sort of electronic extension to the Broselow Tape. By selecting weight or a Broselow Color zone, EMS professionals can quickly obtain not only a dose in mg but also in mLs for hundreds of drugs and indications. Besides dosing, SafeDose includes information on drug administration, adverse affects, vital signs, maintenance fluids and equipment settings.

SafeDose addresses the problem that dosing children in code situations is error-prone. EMS caregivers must make calculations quickly and accurately in a stressful environment with little room for error because children are particularly sensitive to drugs.

With the use of colors and zones, SafeDose helps prevent the types of ten-fold dosing errors that might happen in emergency situations.

The Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission began a dosing safety standardization effort with SafeDose in 2010. The web-based software, called SafeDose, is just now being rolled out in hospitals across the state and also at EMS units in Regions 5 and 6. SafeDose is a less comprehensive mobile version of this software.

Georgia EMS Professionals can click here to download a free copy of SafeDoseEMS...
May 13, 2011
Peter Lazar, CEO of SafeDose, Wins Entrepreneur Award
The Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council (RBTC) awarded SafeDose CEO, Peter Lazar, the Entrepreneur Award at last night's annual TechNite banquet. SafeDose was also a finalist for the Rising Star Award.

RBTC, formerly called the NewVa Corridor Technology Council, supports and represents innovation and technology businesses in Southwest Virginia.

The Entrepreneur Award is "given to someone who models risk-taking in the technology field." Lazar was chosen for his past entrepreneurial work in the region and his role taking the revolutionary SafeDose acute care products from concept to reality.

"I am honored and excited that SafeDose's potential has been recognized by the RBTC," said Lazar. "I am also very honored to work with Dr. Broselow and Dr. Luten. We appreciate this recognition. It helps expand our mission to save kids' lives."

SafeDose is set to launch its SafeDose iPad and SafeDose iPhone products as soon as Apple approves its App Store submission in next week or so. SafeDose will simultaneously release Version 2 of the SafeDose web-based application.
May 2, 2011
SafeDose Nominated for Rising Star, Entrepreneur Awards
The NewVA Corridor Technology Council nominated SafeDose for a "Rising Star" award. The award goes to a new company with potential to become a household name.

In addition, SafeDose CEO Peter Lazar was nominated for NCTC Entrepreneur of the Year. This award recognizes a trailblazing technology entrepreneur.

SafeDose is set for a May launch of its mobile and web-based SafeDose and SafeDose applications designed for medical personnel providing emergency pediatric and adult care.

"I am excited that SafeDose's potential has been recognized by the NewVA Corridor Technology Council," said Lazar. "We are working very hard to develop truly groundbreaking medical apps, and it is gratifying to be nominated for these awards."

Winners will be announced May 12, 2011, at the annual TechNite Gala in Roanoke, Virginia.

January 14, 2011
SafeDose Credited with Saving Young Girl's Life
SafeDose was instrumetal in saving a young girl's life recently at Summerville medical Center in
Summerville, S.C. In the story from ABC News 4 in Charleston, South Carolina.
"SafeDose saved Xyla's life."
--mother Tyrrita McBride
January 12, 2011
Doctor Explains Value of "Revolutionary" SafeDose Technology
In an interview on ABC 27 in Tallahassee, Florida, Wednesday, Dr. Carlo Oller described SafeDose
as a "revolutionary" technology with the power to dramatically streamline emergency
"I'm really excited about the potential it's
      going to have when seconds count."
--Dr. Carlo Oller